Joy Siriluk ends 7 year relationship with Mac

Good bye to the 7 year relationship!! Joy Siriluk Pongchoke broke it off with boyfriend Mac Winai Wattanarat because she’s not ready for marriage. They ended up on good terms, where she went her separate way to open her own business.

Even though they didn’t seem as sweet of a couple as other couples did, but many people cheered them to get married. It looks like everyone’s hope of seeing them get married has died down since Joy came out to say that she broke up with Mac for a little over a month now. Joy explains that she’s the one to ask to end it and that there wasn’t a third hand involved. She asks to not reveal too much because it is something between two people.

“It is true that I separated ways with p’Mac. It’s something between two people na kaa. At the end, we both talked about it and didn’t act out on our emotions. I wanted to break up this way and I made the decision to. We didn’t have any other problems, but it’s just something that comes with time between couples.”

“After talking it out with each other, I continued to think about things. I think it’s better to break up like this. We’ve been together for 7 years this year kaa. But we broke up for about a month now. The reason is that things change. Being together for 6-7 years, there are bound to be changes kaa. There’s a lot of changes (laughs), but we didn’t react with our emotions. We are all adults.”

“There is no third hand kaa. I don’t think he has one and I hope he doesn’t think I have one either. The reason is that it’s about the same things that we both have always talked about. Whenever we sit and talk about serious things, last year we talk about it, this year we talk about it again, and next year we’ll probably talk about it too. And when it comes to this point, it makes me feel this. I am honest to my feelings, that’s why I talked to him.”

“He is willing to accept my decision. The rest, we just have to take care and look after our own feels. Right now, we don’t talk to each other anymore kaa. I think it’s better not to, because I think it’s easier for me to take care of my feelings this way… for the both of us. It’s not that we’re mad at each other na kaa, but I think it’s just easier this way.”

“As for the business we did together, right now it’s closed kaa. I will reopen a new one that is my own (laughs).”

Source: Daradaily

Picture credits: Mthai, Giggog

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