Fang's parents slam her for going out with AA

When leaked photos of Fang Pichaya and AA Perawatch posing provocatively on the balcony of a condo made news, Fang quickly responded

“Honestly, I was taking pictures with my friends too, but some of the pictures might look too strong. As for our clothing, we went to the beach. I wasn’t just wearing a bikini. I had a halter top on and some shorts, so it really didn’t look bad. I know p’A took off  his shirt, so that might look strong.”

Where did you guys go?

“Pattaya kaa.”

The picture looks really strong.

“Honestly, there’s really nothing na. We took this picture for fun kaa. Our friends took it. We had a bbq party and we had all of our friends were there.”

Was the picture on Facebook or Twitter?

“It was taken on our friend’s cell phone. They sold their phone, so they probably forgot to delete the picture.”

When you first saw the picture, were you surprised?

“I was surprised kaa.”

What did AA say?

“p’A didn’t say anything kaa, but he was more worried about the elders back home. He didn’t know what they would say. My parents said a lot. They asked me what I was thinking to go there, why I took pictures like this, and why I wore those types of clothes. After taking those pictures, it looked very revealing and harsh. But in reality, it’s very proper kaa. I already told them that it’s nothing kaa and that my clothing was proper. I didn’t do anything disturbing or wrong.

After coming back from your trip, did you guys make up?

“It’s a lot better now kaa.”

Did you guys argue?

“We did kaa, but it wasn’t that bad. It’s just like any other couple.”

Is it about the same things?

“Well, there are new things kaa.”

If you guys argue again, do you think he will break up with you again?

“I think we just have to keep getting to know each other and continue being friends with each other. It’s better that way. We don’t want anything much yet.”

Upon getting back together, did he ask anything of you this time?

“No kaa. Honestly, p’A is an easy person. It’s better to keep it natural. If we want to get back together, we get back together. If we want to break up, we break up.”

Did you ask anything of him this time around?

“No, not yet.”

What if AA has news with many girls?

“This will probably be a problem (laughs). We are just talking kaa.”

Do you get jealous over him?

“A little kaa. Now, if there’s anything, I would ask him first kaa. It’s not like before anymore.”

Source: Thairath

Picture credit: Gossipstar

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