Actresses whose names start with "Th" and "T" involved in illegal abortion scandal

After the news of a popular pra’ek impregnating a young coyote girl and taking her to an illegal abortion clinic to get rid of the “bastard child”, names of many famous actresses such as Nat Myria Benedetti, Tuk Bongkot Kongmalai, and Sai Charoenupura have been accused of such abortions. Since then, law enforcement officials have been leading the investigation to dig out the mastermind behind the illegal clinics.

Recently, police have found a nurse who helped the doctor performing the abortions. The nurse opened up and admitted to helping with the abortions for 3 years. She also revealed that famous actresses whose name starts with “Th” (ต) and “T” (ท) and model whose name starts with “N” (น) have used their abortion service.

At 7pm on November 17th, investigating officials and the Ministry of Public Health went to search a small building at 72/148 Petchkasem Road, between Soi 81/2-81/3, upon receiving tips of the famous clinic. Mr. Suthep Chabangbon, a 46 year old undertaker at Wat Pai Ngern, told officials of the clinic bringing the fetuses to him to destroy. Upon investigation, officials found blood stains on a bed in a divided room on the 4th floor. Aside from this, they also found 1 bed and equipment for abortion on the 2nd floor. Because of this, they took in Ms. Runchakorn Juntomanat, a 33 year old former medical assistant who currently watches over the investigated clinic. Officials took her in for questioning at Wat Phraya Krai Police Station.

Ms. Runchakorn gave a statement that the current location was once opened as a clinic, but went out of business. She admitted that she came to get an abortion here because she knew about it during the time she was a medical assistant. Before this, she would contact and pick up young women who are pregnant and wanted to get an abortion. Some of the places were from Rangsit, Klongtun, Jutujak, and Primonton. Some of the women were already late in their pregnancy, some had personal health issues, and some just didn’t want to do it because it was expensive.

She has been doing this for 3 years. Most of the people who come to get an abortion are young teenagers around the ages of 13 and 20. The oldest who came in for an abortion was 38. The most recent abortion they did was on November 11th. She was 7 and a half months pregnant. Aside from this, she would also take on the task of throwing away all the fetuses and bodies of the dead children. She was paid 500 baht for doing this and she would split 200 baht with Mr. Suthep for taking them to Wat Pai Ngern. Sometimes, Mr. Suthep would do it all himself.

Ms. Runchakorn also adds that in the past many people have come to get abortions, but only 8 failed. The mothers were indifferent, so she accepted to take care of those 8 children.

Reporters said that after showing her the pictures of a dead 7 and a half month old baby to Ms. Runchakorn, she confirmed that it was the baby that was recently aborted. Officials then detained her and took her in to face prosecution.

Ms. Runchakorn continued to reveal that 3 famous celebrities have used their service. 2 of them are famous actresses with the first letter of their names being “Th” and “T”. And the last one is a famous model with the first letter of her name being “N”.

Meanwhile, reporters from all over the world such as AFP, BBC in England, CNN, and Fox News in the United States have reported of finding the corpse of the “bastard children” in a Thai temple, making it the most read news. At one point on Monday, headlines of “Over 340 babies found dead in a Buddhist temple in Bangkok, capital city of Thailand” flooded BBC’s website. They gave details of the bodies of 348 babies found in Bangkok wrapped in plastic bags and newspapers, that an undertaker was hired to get rid of the babies from the illegal abortion clinic. They ended the report saying that it is illegal to get abortions in Thailand with the exception of the mother being in danger, fetal abnormalities, or in the case of rape.

Source: Komchudleuk and Newsreport

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