Pong Nawat is Hot in China

Actor “Pong” Natwat got a glimpse of what it would be like to ‘go international’ when he received an invitation to China after his lakorn was aired abroad.

Chinese fans welcomed him into their land with open arms and on his return flight back to Bangkok, apparently some of them even followed him back home!

“No, they didn’t go that far. It’s just that my lakorn was aired over there”

How was it?

“I went to Beijing, they invited me to a lakorn event but I didn’t think it would be that big. I woke up at 7 am, and I wore shorts, when I got there I was confused. I thought they were fans of ‘The Star’ because I’m not used to this kind of attention. There were people holding up signs, there were hundreds of them, and there’s even a sign with my name on it, it said ‘P’Pong’. People were pulling me, a security guard had to come in and I was like whoa”

Was it very obsessive?

“Someone jumped me and kissed me. Thai people would be more like apologetic. The security guards were very mean too, at first I was like how come they look so mean”

You were touched a lot

“Every part of my body was touched (laughs) just joking. They took good care of me”

Did anyone offered you a job in China

“Some people approached me, similar to people like channel 3,5, 7. The executives came and asked me if it would be posible if in the future we (our countries) could exchange celebrities, their stars could come and act in our country too”

“I told them I couldn’t speak chinese and they said they could dubbed my voice in chinese. I told them I would have to ask Exact about it. But I think it’s a good idea, it would be like import export, we could make money for our country”

Most of your chinese fans are older women, I heard you’re a favorite to housewives over there

“The good thing about over there is they like you for your work and they don’t care about your personal life. They only care about your work”

Do you find chinese girls cute?

“Yes, they’re similar to Thai girls”

I heard some of them followed you to thailand and came to visit you on the set of your lakorn

“Yes, they wanted to see the lakorn set, they probably came for a vacation”

How do you communicate with them?

“In english”

Source via Innnews/Entertain Teenee

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