Beam will not renew with RS Promotion

Singer “Beam” Kawee Tanjararak confessed he will not be renewing his contract with RS Promotion but denied rumours of his quarrel with “Hea Hoh” Surachai Chetchotisak.

Beam revealed he still loves and respect the CEO of RS Promotion.

“In terms of music work, I’m still on a break and have to wait till next year. I haven’t decided on anything yet. Whether or not I will stay with RS or perhaps I may never get the opportunity to work with them again”

So you won’t be renewing your contract, are you planning to change company?

“Not changing company but more like taking a break and not wanting to be apart of any organization. Once my contract finishes I might take a break and wait, I think early next year will be a good time to start something new. My contract with RS Promotion will end in March or April next year and I probably won’t be renewing my contract with them”

You’re not renewing your contract because you’re upset with the exeucutives?

“I’m not upset. Honestly my feelings about RS is still the same. I still have good feelings for the company despite what’s been coming out in the news in the past year. The truth is, it might be a misunderstanding but honestly it’s nothing. I still go into the company and we are still on good terms. Even with the executives like Hea Hoh or any other execs, I still love and respect them all the same”

Are you planning to just fade out from the industry?

“Right now I have little jobs that I’m doing, just enough to survive on (laughs) it’s a job that I enjoy. I love travelling and I’ve started a travel agent company. It’s been operating for 3-4 months now and I find it very fun. It’s another job where I take on the role of an executive”

There’s a rumour that you might be following Dan to Sony

As for whether ot not I will be moving to Sony, I haven’t decided yet and no one has contacted me about it”

The last I heard ‘Chompoo’ Suthipong Wattanajung (Music Producer) doesn’t want anything to do with you

“I don’t know. I haven’t heard about that and I don’t feel anything. Like I said, I haven’t kept in touch and next year I might have work. But it might not be in the music industry, I may not release an album but I’ll probably accept some acting work”

Source via Khaosod

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