"Pim" Says Taking The Character As A Mentally Insane Person Is The Hardest Role For Her

After taking on a difficult in the latest lakorn, ‘Song (2) Pradtana‘ for Channel 5, actress, “Pim” Pimmada Boriruksapakorn wants to take on a challenge once again by accepting a role of a character who is mentally insane person and Pim assures that the role was very hard and stressful.
“My character is very hard and confusing. In the beginning she’s gentle woman with a good mind and obedient than after she was abused until she almost died than she became frightened easily, hallucinates, and her thoughts become confused that she thinks her husband “Teeyot” (played by “Pong” Nawat) was the one that planned to kill her.

I felt burdened from the moment I read the script. I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to play it, so I had to search and did a lot of research.

So, when it came to the day of filming, I began to become more stressed because it was harder than what I thought. The lakorn is sort of confusing and even the character of the lakorn is deceiving. Not only that but it’s also deceiving to the viewers who watch the lakorn. It’s something that is very hard, but I feel that it’s something challenging my abilities, so it’s good in a way. If I play the character well and the viewers who see it believe it than I’m happy.”

[Source via Entertain Teenee/Naewna]

Anyone watching the lakorn to see if Pim is believable as a crazy person?

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