"Oh" Warut Shocks The ET Industry;Has A 15 Year Old Son

On the 8th of November reporters reported that actor and good mood host, “Oh” Warut Worrathum that “Airbus” is his son along with girlfriend “Ke”, but both have separated since, but recently “Oh” had confessed on the show, ‘Bork 9 Lao Sip’ which aired through Modern 9 TV around 17.00-17.30 that he has a 15 year old son from his first wife. To assure everyone that he’s not infertile like the news made him out to be.

The crew from ‘Bork 9 Lao Sip‘ had went to interview the actor with the hosts, “Moddum” and “Num Kanchai” asking the actor about the situation that is occurring around him and rumors circulating that he is infertile that “Oh” had revealed a secret that he has kept hidden for 15 years. The secret being that he has fathered a son by the name of “Ake” who is at the age of 15 years old by now. “Oh” says he has not kept in contact with the child in a very long time.

Besides that “Oh” had admitted that “Ake” was born by his first wife who is of Thai heritage and after that he has never seen his son because he lives in New Zealand. Even though they do not have the opportunity of seeing each other faces, but they try to make time to see one another by visiting. Even on Thailand’s Father’s day that just passed he had gotten to see his son. “Oh” had said that he has never told anyone about his eldest son at all and this is the first time he had opened up about his first child. It left both of the hosts speechless.

[Source via Entertain Teenee/Khao Sod]

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