Latest Images of Ken and His Family

Causing an amount of joy to the viewers who watch him as an actor, but at the same time “Ken” Theeradeth also does his dutiful role as a good father to his two sons, “Nong Khun” (2 years) and “Nong Jun” (4 months).

The actor gave a special Father’s day interview to Kom-Chud-Luek on what it’s like to see him as a father instead of as an actor.

How’s it like being a father of 2?

“It’s good. I have 2 children and everything is falling into place. I’m starting to become more at ease because when we had our first child I was stressed, like are we doing this good enough? But when it came to the 2nd child, I’m not stressing and go with the flow. If you ask am I more tired with the 2nd child? No, it’s less tiring. Their mother and grandmother assumes the roles more. When we hand “Nong Khun” we did everything, but when we had “Nong Jun”, like I said we just went with the flow. I would go to work and when I return back I would play with him instead.

Who is more difficult to raise?

“Who is more difficult to raise? (Turns around and asks wife, “Noi” Bussakorn) Nong Khun was more difficult because he was our first child,  but if you ask who is more naughty between “Nong Khun” and “Nong Jun”, this we can’t answer yet because Nong Jun is only 4 months.

How do you make time for your children when you have to work also?

“When I return home from work I would play with “Nong Khun” more, but I would also play with “Nong Jun”, but mostly he would just drink milk and he would stay with his mother more. If I was home, I would be the one to watch after “Nong Khun” because he’s a mischievous child. He would run here and there.”

Does “Nong Khun” have any indication on wanting to be in the entertainment industry like his parents?

“I don’t know yet. He’s only 2 years old, so I’m not putting much thought into it. Right now everyday just him knowing discipline and one day he would know what he wants to do. A child who is 2 years old should just focus on playing and experience learning. I would try and tell him that when he wakes up he should eat and when he eats he should go potty, when he has to go potty he has to tell us. It’s an easy routine of his life that she should know by now. Sometimes when we tell him he would listen and sometimes he won’t, but it’s the responsibility of the parents to do. Knowing when to wake him up and teach him because when he get’s at an age where he would start to memorize and know, he would start doing them on his own.”

[“Nong Jun”]

[“Nong Khun” as a baby]

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  1. OMG!!!!!i really 1million times like your character in SAWAN BIANG….you look like ROBIN PADILLA here in the philippines….I’ve been watching SAWAN BIANG for 6 days now in youtube…and I really2x love it…very much…

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