Krit will counter each accusation if Marsha reveals the truth within 7days

After becoming a such a big new for couple DJ Krit and Marsha Wattanapanich, the love has to come to an end. But it’s not like the problem is ending, because Marsha came out to announce with the press about money issues that Krit borrow from her. Because of this, Krit came out to tell the truth.

“There was news about me on 4 issues: (1) the money that I borrow from Khun Marsha of 8 million baht, (2) land worth 20 million baht, (3) that I am a cheater, and (4) the issue that I will come out to reveal Marsha.”

Krit continues to reveal

“As for the money issue na krub, I’ve been with Khun Marsha for 6 years so issues with money and borrowing money is normal for couples. The past 6 years, Marsha and I have had good times and bad times. I, myself, still love her. I will keep all the good memories krub. But in present day, we both decided to separate our ways for personal reasons.”

“This because 3 years ago I decided to start a business with a partner, that’s why I asked to borrow the papers for her land, so I can use it as reference to the bank for opening the business. Because I’m going to start up a new business, I didn’t have anything to guarantee my stability. Marsha was kind and understood. This whole thing didn’t happen yet, we just talked about it first because Marsha and I were having talks of separating. Because of our separation, what we talked about were canceled. Nothing happened. And the deed for the land that she talks about is still with her.”

His attorney said,

“Khun Marsha is able to able to check at The Office of Land. She is able to investigate if anything was used against that her land because she is the owner, she has ownership.”

As for the second issue that Krit borrow money from Marsha,

“After deciding to separate our ways, I decided to clear everything including the deed for the land. Khun Marsha told me herself that the deed for the land is with her, but she is still stuck on the fact that I owe her 5 million baht, not 6, 7, or 8 million baht. On October 12, 2010, Khun Marsha had me sign a contract to agree to this. It was clearly stated that I borrow 5 million baht. On the paper, there was my signature, her signature, and one witness. After this, I will have my attorney talk to her attorney for the details in paying her back the money.”

“Another reason is that I am a cheater. Throughout the time that Marsha and I were together, I’ve never had another woman or argued about any other woman. I don’t know where Marsha got all of this news, but I want to say that all those news are false. All those news are effecting my image. I understand na krub. I know that the my image on my show shows that I am flirtatious, but that’s only on my show. This accusation is false.”

Source: Daradaily

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