Marsha breaks up with Krit because he's a cheater

Marsha opens up about her break up with young boyfriend DJ Krit. After investing in millions of baht together, she finds out that the male party is a cheater. She found out that he was cheating on her with a school girl, it caused them a huge fight. What a waste of time with all the memories they shared together! Regarding the money, he has paid her back some…

After announcing the opening of their love last month, famous singer Marsha Wattanapanich and young boyfriend DJ Krit have been mum about the reason of their break up. The reason was either because DJ Krit was involved with another woman or Marsha found another man. The recent news was that Marsha came out and asked for the money Krit borrowed back. On December 4th, Marsha had the opportunity to open her heart to Thairath with a sad voice. Marsha said that when she and Krit broke up, she felt like the good times that they spent together was wasted. She didn’t want it to be this way because she wanted their love to continue like that forever. Even though she hasn’t thought about marriage, but she still wanted them to stay together for a long time. But when the time comes that it has to end, it just has to end.

When asked about the real reason why they broke up and whether Krit had another girl or not, the famous singer replied that she has heard about the issue because before this, there was news and gossip about Krit seeing a school girl. Even though there was always news of him with this girl, she trusted him the whole time. She never checked his cellphone or accused him for anything because she loved him.

But the news with this girl never ended. Even the people close to him and his co-workers even tease him about it. It’s just too much. This issue made us argue more and more. The problem just kept getting bigger, until she asked him about it but he always denied it. She also admitted that the news was partially to blame for making her stressed. Once the situation started, it just grew bigger. And in the end, we just can’t be together.

“At first, I just thought that we would just be separated for a while. The distance allowed me to have some time for myself and to think about how I feel and my personal needs. But after being separated for a while and going back to each other, I was faced with the same problems. That’s why we can’t connect. I don’t want to break up and feel negatively towards each other. I don’t want us to end up like other couples. I just want us to end on good terms. One day, we can still be friends. We can still talk to each other, because at one point in our lives, we had loved each other so much.”

The news reporters, then, asked Marsha about the 5 million baht, the money that she said Krit borrowed. Marsha explain that Krit really did borrow that money, but she asks to not talk about the amount. Just because she talked about the money doesn’t mean that he won’t pay her back. There’s nothing that he did to make her believe that he won’t give it back to her. She doesn’t want the situation of the money become a factor in their feelings for each other. She just wants the issue between them two to clear up and end. It’s not that she doesn’t trust him or think that he won’t repay her back. She just wants everything to end since they both are separating their ways.

After that, the reporters continued to ask Marsha if Krit ever contacted to after the break up. She replied that he hasn’t yet. She said that all day today, she has gotten so many calls, but she didn’t answer to anyone’s calls because she doesn’t want the situation to get bigger.

“The thing that I don’t like is when two people who once loved each other, come out and talk about the other person in a bad way. In the past, no matter what boyfriend I had, they have never come out to talk bad about each other. This is because she always keeps in mind that they were once two people who loved each other and maybe one day they can come together and talk to each other again.”

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