Louis Scott stressed with role in “365 Wun Haang Ruk”

Even though Louis admits that he is stressed with his role in lakorn “365 Wun Haang Ruk”, but he is happy with all the positive feedback.

He’s been in many lakorns already and as for this young halfie, Louis Scott, he admits that he is stressed for taking on the role of playing the character Nawat.” In the romantic lakorn “365 Wun Haang Ruk”, Louis character is a lawyer who is dark and playful at times. Even though the character is hard, getting good feedback from all the viewers already make the stress go away.

How is the feedback for the lakorn “365 Wun Haang Ruk”?

“Many people keep asking me why I take on such cute roles. After playing it, I think that it’s ok because a lot of people like the lawyer character. Lets just say that they feedback is really good.”

Playing as a lawyer this time, is it harder for you?

“I think that the role is not that hard, but playing as a lawyer is hard. Talking like a lawyer, going to court, and being confident in what you’re saying is hard. I have to use my memory to remember lawyer terms.”

In the making of the lakorn, were there times that you were stressed?

“If I’m stressed, it’s probably the way I speak because the words that are used in court is hard. I have to use a lot of my memory. I not how I understand it because every word is their own word, it’s their own language.”

How is it to work with big name superstars?

“I feel good to have the opportunity to co-star with them. I like to look at p’Ken as an example when I act.”

And what about when you have flirting scenes with a newcomer in the lakorn, does Noon Ramida get jealous?

“Right now, not yet krub. But in the future, I’m not sure (laughs).”

When you have flirting scenes, do you have to call Noon to ask for permission?

“No krub, because we both understand that we are just acting. She already knew that before we got together krub.”

How is love life right now?

“Love right now everything is ok. It is still sweet like before, but we don’t have a plan to get married yet krub.”

No matter what, all Louis lovers please don’t forget to stay tuned for the lakorn “365 Wun Haang Ruk” 8:30pm on Ch3 na kaa!

Source: Zubzip

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