Dan Danai's ex-girlfriend threatened to burn his house; informs police for fear of his safety

Not too long ago, Koi Praewpan was dubbed the “poisonous jealous lover” because she broke into the house of her ex-boyfriend, Dan Danai Somponsamit, and attacked him with a bathroom cleaner liquid that was mixed with caustic soda (sodium hydroxide), leading to a facial injury to Dan.

After the incident, the female side came out to give an interview of her side of the story. She explained the situation in tears, saying that she did not mean to hurt anyone. The day of the incident, she went to clear the problem and brought the liquid mixture with her in hopes of only threatening her lover by drinking the liquid in front of him. She never thought of hurting her ex-boyfriend in any way.

Latest news, Dan and his personal manager gave out an interview to open up about the situation and to reveal the truth behind the ex-girlfriend’s “I didn’t mean to do it” statement. Dan revealed that his ex sent him an SMS (text) to threaten him. She also threatened him before of burning his house down. At this moment, Dan feels scared that his ex-girlfriend will still try to hurt him and he isn’t able to stay by himself. He also said that he will fight for her prosecution to the fullest because he’s scared that he’s not the last guy that she will do this to.

“The reason why I am giving this press release is because I want to clear the real facts. I understand that she already came out to give an interview na krub. I feel that when people are mad at each other, things get distorted krub. The things that Koi thinks are the truth, I think that they are not. I’m not saying that she is lying na. She might have seen something and misunderstood it herself. She has a lot of anger in herself.

I admit that we’ve been in a relationship, but we’ve broken up for a really long time already krub. Ever since May of this year, we were already broken up. We weren’t seeing each other or anything after that krub. One of the reasons for the break up was already said by Koi. At that time, Koi came into my house but I wasn’t home.

She still had the keys when she packed up all her stuff and moved out from my house. She even damaged my house too. If I wanted to get her in trouble at that time, I could have. The police said that it would have been a civil case, therefore she would have gone to jail. She also had the ability to commit suicide because her mental state is not so good. That is why I did not file a report with the police. They just took a note of it krub.”

Dan talks about the frightening incident when his ex-girlfriend threw the chemical on him. He said…

“After we broke up, she would always threaten me that she will kill me and throw acid on me and my girlfriend, if I had a new girlfriend na krub. This is something that she has said many times already. At that time, she came into my house with 2 bottles and that is when I thought about her threats. Then, she walked over to my friend that was there at the time. She said that she will kill herself. But at that moment, she didn’t physically seem like she would krub.

There is something else that made me so sure why she wouldn’t kill herself in my house. And that is because I cleaned my house after the incident. I found it when I was changing my clothes next to my bed. It made me really shocked. What I found was a knife krub. She brought a knife with her and kept it by my bed. That’s when I thought that if someone were going to kill themself, bringing a knife is already a lot krub. Because of this, there must have been another intention. It makes me feel unsafe krub. All the wounds that I have on my body are all because of her. But her wounds, I did not do anything at all. She did it all to herself. She did everything herself. She protected herself. Right now, I have placed a police report… assault, invasion, and damaging property.

After the incident that day, she sent me a message saying that she knows where I live and ended that message with a laugh. It was in English krub. At that time, I was at my mom and dad’s house. At first, I didn’t think of doing anything about it na, but she kept sending me messages like that still. The next day, I went to place a police report. Right now, I am trying to install as many locks as I can. I am also trying to install smoke alarms because I’m afraid that she will burn my house down since it was something she said she would do before krub. I’ve been thinking about selling my house now krub because I don’t feel good living there.”

Source: Daradaily

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