"Oh" Warut Sustains Nong "Airbus" Is His Son;Admits Separated From Girlfriend

Having disappeared from the T.V. screen for quite sometime actor, “Oh” Warut Worrathum had a lot of people worrying over him. From news of his deteriorating health to “Nong Airbus” his loving son (whom was born from girlfriend, “Ke”) isn’t really his son because after a paternity test proved that Oh and “Nong Airbus” doesn’t share the same DNA. Which became the cause of both parties to separate and live in different houses. Oh gave a press conference regarding the issue so everyone can stop wondering.

“I did not get a DNA test at all. I will sustain that I will not be getting a DNA test.”

Oh then goes to say that it’s not like what the rumors had stated and “Nong Airbus” is still his son.

As for he and his girlfriend they are living separately from one another. “We stayed in different rooms, but when our son was born, but we started to live in separate houses for about a month already. The reason being is that we couldn’t live with one another and we didn’t have any correlations that a husband and wife would have. We didn’t have time for one another. It has nothing to do with another woman.”

As for the child, the mother is taking care of the child while Oh sends financial support. “Right now I am still a father and he is with his mother in Petchaboon.”

[Source via Dara Daily]

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