"Aff" Denies She'll Be Marrying Songkran Next Year!

After rumors broke out that the bridal house in Bonanza Kao Yai that Songkran Taechanarong had built for girlfriend, “Aff” Tucksaorn Paksoukchareon is almost finished. There have been rumors that the two lovebirds will be another couple that will take the initiative of wedded bliss next year.

Aff shyly replied to the rumors saying that there are no wedding bells ringing at this time, but her love life is happy and normal even though there are fortune tellers who predict that her love with Songkran will fail.

They said that in the Chinese culture next year is a good year to get married.

“But I’m Thai.” (No, a lot of people are keeping a close eye to see if one day the house in Bonanza is finished there will be good news.) “I’ve said before that the house isn’t a bridal house.” (A lot of people are just keeping a close eye out. Has Songkran talked to you about that?) “No he hasn’t. From what everyone knows we’ve made it passed our first year. We’ll have to use more time.” (So, it’s not next year right?) “I don’t know yet. I don’t know the that truthfully.”

Songkran has really high hopes for this relationship, how about you? “I never play with love. We are grown ups and not kids. I have never seen love as a game. If I wasn’t confident then I wouldn’t be in it.”

[Source via Entertain Teenee/INN News]

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