Rumored: Former Phra Aek, "Oh" And Girlfriend Ending Relationship Because His DNA Didn't Match Child's DNA

Becoming a huge rumor when former Phra Aek, “Oh” Warut Worrathum is getting ready to leave his PR girlfriend after getting a DNA testing done and the child wasn’t his.

Oh’s best friend, “Neeno”sustains that there hasn’t been any paternity test, but specifies that the problem isn’t severe, but he does admit that his best friend has confided in him with the situation that has happened and will be giving a press conference about the truth on the 1st of December.

Becoming a big issue after when Warut Worrathum or “Oh”, former famous Phra Aek opened up about his personal life to the public that he was going to have a baby with his young public relations’s (of a famous hospital somewhere) girlfriend. The two have been living together, but isn’t married. Recently there has been rumors over the bridge that the two are breaking up because after a paternity test proven, the child was not Oh’s.

On the 30th of November, reporters called the former Phra Aek for an interview regarding the situation and received confirmation that the situation was true and had said that he will be giving a press conference on the set of his lakorn set ‘Malai Baai Daeng’ on the 1st of December.

His best friend, “Neeno” Methanee Buronsiri said this his friend deed indeed ask advice from him regarding the matter, but he did not want to say anything much because he wanted Oh to come out and speak of the situation himself.

“This is his personal situation. I don’t want to say anything much. Before this he did come and consult me, but from what I know he didn’t take a paternity test yet. There wasn’t anything that severe yet.

Other than that reporters reported that Oh has been replaced as host for ‘Sabut Show‘ and ‘Oh-No-Show’ 2 months ago because of personal issues and the bosses had ordered to stop all of his work.

[Source via Entertain Teenee/Kom Chad Luek]

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