"Ken" Getting Ordained On The 12th of December!

“Ken” Theeradeth Wongpuapan, famous actor from Channel 3 has cleared his work schedule and getting ready to be ordained as a monk on the 12 of December at Wat Saraket before he practices dharma in Kao Yai.

Yesterday at the opening of Madame Tussauds at Siam Discovery, famous actor, “Ken” Theeradeth revealed to Kom Chad Luek that he will be ordained as a monk on the week of December 12th at Wat Saraket and he will be ordained for 14 days.

“I will be ordained on the 12th of December at Wat Saraket. As for wanting to be ordained, I have thought about it since last year because you have to think about it in advance. When “Nott” Worrarith Feungarom was ordained last year, I went and I had a feeling like, “Oh my friend is being ordained, I want to be ordained also.” I had find the time since the beginning of the year and the reason why I had to plan everything out for a long time was because I had to work all the time. I had lakorns that I had to be on set for and I couldn’t just leave it. I had to clear everything beforehand and I did clear it all. After my stage drama than I should be free of all work.”

Reporters then went on to ask the father of 2 if he was to be ordained will he be worried and miss his 2 sons.

“I don’t know that if being a father and being ordained will have the feeling of missing or worry about their children more than the person who doesn’t have any children. I have thought about it and I was going to tell my son, “Nong Khun” that I will be ordained. I’m sure he would understand because he goes to the temple with me often. He can chant, “Na Mo Paka-wa-toh” even though it might not be right at times. When he see’s a monk he would raise his hand and “wai”. He knows a lot already, so it makes it hard to not tell why I’m missing and what I’m doing. As for who will hold the pillow, I’m not sure if Noi can hold it because now she’s my wife. If you ask me, I’m not serious as to who will hold the pillow.” – Ken revealed.

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