"Kat" English;Next Possible Actress To Get Banned From The Media?

A couple months ago there were news going around that there was a certain actress who made herself seem superior (as in superior we mean that she acted like a diva,refused interviews, and told reporters to go away) when reporters went on set to ask for an interview on the set of her latest lakorn. Later on it was said that the actress was none other than, “Kat” Katreeya English.

Kat is confused when she heard of the news that she acted in an impromptu manner towards the press and explains that she’s been in the industry for 20 years. She has never conducted herself like what was mentioned at all and she admits she’ll be sad if she does get banned. She accepts that the reason might have been a miscommunication.

Returning back to the industry with her latest lakorn, ‘Faed Na Ya’, but instead actress, “Kat” Katreeya was hit with a wave of news that she was acting like a diva towards reporters. Not allowing any of them to interview her. Even to the point that she will be banned by the media. When reporters at Kom-Chad-Luek saw the actress they took the initiative to ask her about the situation.

“I’m confused that there is news like this out again because ever since I’ve been in the industry for 20 years, I have never denied an interview. So, stop picking this issue up because there is no truth to it and someone said it was on the set of my lakorn that I chased reporters away and I don’t know where the news came from because I am confused. My friends would call me and tell me that there are news like this again. I feel horrible and sad that this issue is being talked about again because the first time when it happened, I didn’t know anything about it also.”

“It’s not my fault. It’s their fault for not coordinating their work well and they put the blame on me. I want them to stop playing with this issue. It’s not true at all because the 20 years that I’ve been in the industry, I have never denied an interview. If I have an urgent work then I would tell them that I’m late and I have to hurry up and go. I would never do something like that (deny an interview). I swear and I affirm that there is nothing like that at all. It’s just a small misunderstanding.”

The actress continued to say that before she was to get banned, she doesn’t want to be in the industry anymore because it makes her confused.

“If you want me to apologize to reporters for misunderstanding  me, this I’m not at fault. If I was to apologize to them than that means that I’m wrong. I have never done anything like this to reporters at all. We have to be kind to each other because I see it as I’ve been with reporters since I’ve entered the industry and the moment I came into the industry, I should know how it works already.”

[Source Entertain Teenee/Kom Chad Luek]

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