Warrant issued for Dan Danai's ex-girlfriend

A warrant was issued for Dan Danai Sumotkojorn‘s ex-girlfriend, Miss Praewpan Sompongsamit, for throwing acid at his face. She was the ex-girlfriend that had just released news before this. At this moment, Dan Danai has been reported that he’s been staying home. The latest news about his condition he stated is that the wounds around his mouth are pussing and also adds that he does not want his ex-girlfriend anywhere near him, for fear of harming him again.

At 10am yesterday, Col. Poobes Senkao revealed the case of Dan Danai Sumotkojorn, the popular actor. It is a case about his ex-girlfriend breaking into his house and throwing acid on his face for bringing a new girlfriend, who is from overseas, into his house. They are still planning to investigate and interview Dan, who is still scared and resting. The remaining particles of “Soda Fai” (acid in powder form) are still in the premises, so investigators will be collecting it and examining further what it exactly is.

Col. Poobes Senkao revealed that they are also currently issuing a warrant for the arrest of Miss Praewpan Sompongsamit, who is the person causing this issue. Even though Dan is not pressing charges, but the law cannot dismiss the fact and is still in the investigation phase. If they find that they chemical is a dangerous one, she will face a heavier charge.

Dan’s mother revealed that before this, Dan and his ex-girlfriend had problems. They even came to the police once but it wasn’t a big problem. Right now, she just doesn’t want his ex-girlfriend to continue bugging him.

Dan’s personal manager, Miss Piyachat Udomthawee, reveals of his condition saying that Dan is resting at his home in Nuanchan Road, Soi 34 Nuanchan Buengkum, Bangkok. The doctor has told him to rest and put medicine on the burn. The doctor urges to be careful of dust and dirt because the wound can become infected, and suggest the young actor to not talk as much.

This incident is causing the young actor to miss his job on “Hae Ha Nah Choi… Series Ruk Son Choi” and lakorn “Lui” of Ch7. As for the warrant on his ex-girlfriend, we’ll have to leave it up to the authorities.

Source: Zubzip

Picture credit: Paidoo, Manager [1][2][3]

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