The confessions of "Koi", Dan Danai's ex-girlfriend

When young actor “Dan” Danai Sumotkojorn meets a poisonous jealous love…

He said that his ex-girlfriend invaded his house. He made many people believe that she threw acid on his face, causing him to go to the hospital. Luckily, it wasn’t serious. This was all after a female friend flew in from overseas to visit him.

The latest news is that Daradaily received contact from “Koi” Praewpan Sompongsamit, the girl that Dan said was his ex-girlfriend, opened to heart about the situation that almost caused her life because of the news. She also revealed to Daradaily about the 5 year relationship she had with Dan.

“I’ve known Dan for about the past 4-5 years from being introduced by our friends. We’ve always seen each other in the entertainment industry. After getting to know each other more for about 5 months, we decided to become boyfriend/girlfriend with Dan being the one who asked so gentlemanly saying, ‘Koi krub, Will you by my girlfriend?’… the 5 years that we’ve been together, Dan has always been a sweet person. He took good care of me. He never had any news with other girls for me to worry about. We were together everyday, never separated.”

“I don’t even know the real reason why we broke up because when I was studying in my last year, before I graduated, Dan said to me that if I changed my habit getting mad to being quiet, he can stay with me forever. He said that we can even get married na. But in last July, Dan took his cousin that is a guy to the house. That guy told me that Dan doesn’t accept me anymore and wants me to leave. At that time, I was sad. I told that guy that ‘That’s not true. It’s not true. Dan loves me a lot. We love each other a lot.’ Dan was in the other room playing video games with his headphones on.”

“… after the day of the break-up, I decided to move out and live with my mom. Dan still contacted me and would always come see me at home. He didn’t leave me hanging. We still had the same connection as before. It made me think that maybe he’s just confused and that he still loves me, because if he didn’t he would probably want me to go somewhere far away. He would always tell me that he doesn’t have anyone new.”

“The day that we had the news, I did go to Dan’s house. After realizing why he’s been distant and not answering my calls, I went to his house and rang his door bell. No one answered, even though he was home. Because of my emotion at the time, I found a rock at the front of his house and threw it at the window until it broke and open the lock to go in. I ran to his bedroom and found him there.”

“I realized that the other girl was in the bathroom and she yelled at me from inside there. Dan was still in shock and told me that he met her for 4 days. She flew in from America. She’s Chinese and met each other on Facebook,” says Koi.

“I told him that I came here today to find out why he has been lying and why he keeps playing games with my feelings. I also told the other girl that I’m not here to hurt her. Dan went downstairs to get security. In the time that Dan wasn’t there, I talked to the girl in the bathroom and we hugged. She made me feel better and told me to find a better guy than this na. After that, Dan came and told me to leave.”

Source: Daradaily

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