"Nat" Myria Isn't Angry That Her Name Is Being Involved With An Abortion

On Friday (November 26th) it was estimated that there were about 2.002 dead fetuses buried in a temple in Bangkok Thailand that had been there from abortion clinics. It made waves around the country and the world that there have been name droppings of the famous heading to these illegal abortion clinics to get abortions. In those accused there have been, “Tuk” Bongkot Kongmalai, Sai Charoenupura, and now “Nat” Myria Benedetti is amongst the accused of illegally getting an abortion.

After having her name attached to having an abortion, singer/actress, “Nat” Myria Benedetti isn’t serious about the news, but her red lipped sweetheart, “Umm” Atichart Chumnanont is infuriated instead.

The songstress revealed that with the news anyone can write whatever they want, but the truth will always be the truth. She didn’t do anything so there is no reason for her to be angry, but instead it is causing her damage in another angle and she somewhat understand. She doesn’t know why she should get angry because she didn’t get an abortion and with the truth everyone will know about it.

When asked if she had talked to “Umm” Atichart about the news yet, the songstress denied she had talked to him and said that she just received news that Umm wasn’t too happy with the news and he is being angry for her because it’s not a joke to just write anything they (the media) want. But she’s OK with it and just found out how Umm reacted to the situation because they haven’t been talking to each other lately, one being Umm went abroad, but Nat doesn’t think it’s a big deal at all.

“The news is harsh. I haven’t done anything and I don’t feel anything. I believe that those who know me will know what is the truth and what isn’t so they won’t go along with the news, but those who doesn’t know me very well will go along with the news will believe it and there would be some impact towards me although it wouldn’t be much.”

[Source via Khaosod]

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