A popular pra'ek took a coyote girl to get an abortion

Who is it???

Even though it’s a shocking story and no one wants it to happen, but we’ll probably have to accept the fact that there is an option of getting rid of a “bastard child” in the entertainment industry. The world of the handsome and beautiful, who choose to have sexual intercourse, then abortion, in order to continue on their beautiful road of stardom.

The Daradaily news reporters have investigated illegal clinics that help perform abortions of the bastard children – the children that no one wants to have born. Advanced sources have found inside information that will shock and excite you, because these illegal clinics have been operated by people who have no morals or hearts and are even ready to perform the duties of a murderer. In this wide city, they have found an illegal clinic that performs the above allegations. The clinic is a very well known clinic in the Huay Kwang district.

“In the Huay Kwang district, it’s mostly the sexy models. The place is popular to the young models to all come have an abortion.  The outside of this clinic might look big like the private clinics that treat common diseases, but perform real abortions inside,” says the advanced sources. Those who have admitted to doing abortions have said that they have recommended n’ek and n’rai actresses.

They have received trust among the celebrities – big superstar actors and singers – in the business district of Satorn Road, Bangkok City.

This clinic has been responsible for murdering the bastard child of a “popular pra’ek” and a young coyote who is a teenager. This is a recent story that seems never ending because the “popular pra’ek” was the person who brought her when she was 2 months pregnant. Aside from this, the clinic in the Saphan Kwai district, Ramkhamhaeng, Phrakanong, and Sukhumvit are still the options left for the popular stars.

“It’s hard to say. In the end, I’ll have to say that it’s probably up to those people to think about it. Those who have made mistakes and kept their baby are all in front of us to see, like Annie Brooks. She kept her son. It’s the world of beautiful people. Abortion exists in the entertainment industry,” says and advanced source.

Source: Daradaily

You can read about the 2,002 illegally aborted fetuses that made a wave through Thailand and the world via CNN here. The reason for the contents of this article.

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