"Por-Kat" share hugs and kisses

We’ve been waiting for this moment and wondering for a long time now who p’ek Por Thissadee really likes between a real woman like Katreeya English or a transvestite. Everything became clear in the end when Nukrope (Por) can smile because the person he truly loves is Pang (Katreeya), the younger of the twins. The love scene just happened to fall right into place soon after.

The crew went to film a beach were Por had to learn about Kat’s life, where he later fell in love with her. In this scene, Kat was wearing a white halter top and Por had to confess his love for her. Director Chusak asked for both actors to show a sweet love scene so they both had to have there arms around each other and kiss each other on the cheek many times. This made or and Kat a little embarrassed, but both still went on with the acting. How romantic! To see how romantic it gets, please follow the lakorn “Fad Naya” as it is airing the ending on Ch3.

Source: Zubzip

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