Film ordained into Monkhood, named Master Theerapat

Thailand’s superstar, “Film” Rattapoom Tohkongsub, has been officially ordained into monkhood at Wat Chung in Sao Hai district, Saraburi province at 9:30pm. He was dubbed the name as Master Theerapat, meaning “a philosopher who fights matches.”

Ordained into monkhood, Film will study and perform his duty at Wat Phrathatboodip in Chiang Mai for 25 days until he is released out of monkhood on December 19th. After that, he will travel to England to continue his studies there. His departure date to England is December 28th.

Before being ordained as a monk, Film revealed

“I intended to become a monk in order to give back to my father and mother, and everyone else in my life who I am in debt to. I also intend to study monkhood in order to use those lessons learn and apply it to my life. After I am release out of monkhood, I am going to concentrate and work hard in my career. I will also change my ways to be a good person and be a good role model for the society.”

In the monk ordination ceremony, all the elders and close friends from the industry attended. Some of those include: Hia Hoa, Poj Arnon, Ekachai Srivijaya, Pong Lang Sa On, Pan Thanaporn, and many more.

Source: Daradaily

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