Netizens Tears “Pinky” Up;Lying Going to India,But In Reality Secretly Taken In Thailand!

This is what they call karma repeating itself over and over again. Netizens posted a topic called, “Pinky lied she went to India, but the truth is that the movie was secretly taken in Thailand. You can observe that the production crew is Thai and also the supporting casts are also Thai. Almost all of them are Thai, the only person that wasn’t Thai was the Phra Aek who is Indian. So, how can we believe that she really went to India to film the movie?”

When reporters had got in contact with the actress’s mother, she affirmed that Pinky did go to India to shoot the film and that there are images from behind the scenes that was released on the internet also. If they don’t believe it then they can check their passports to see where they went to film the movie or not.

[Source via Gossip Star]

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