"JR" From JR-Voy Get's Hitched To Japanese Bride

“JR” Kittikulwong from 90’s RS duo-band, “JR-Voy” get’s hitched to his Japanese bride. The news was kept hushed and didn’t make way to the media.

Having once frightened fans when rumors of him came out saying he had passed away, but recently he had surprised everyone when he and his Japanese bride, Shitake “AE” (Aye-E) Kittikulwong celebrated their wedded bliss. They both held a small celebratory party on the 21st of November.

25 year old, JR had said that he and his wife “Shitake” (who is a translator/interpreter at a hospital somewhere) had a quiet wedding which occurred 2-3 months ago, but did not invite the press because he has been out of the entertainment business for a long time already and believed that it is not of importance to make news to the media. JR would like to thank the fans for still having interest. Therefore he had held a small celebratory party with friends that he did not tell of the news. As for having an heir, he’s letting his wife make the decision if she wants to have one right away or not.

As for his party, JR has friends and senior from outside and inside the industry who came to congratulate the couple on their wedded bliss, including his former duo member, “Voy” Kriengkai Ungkunchai and senior, “Tao” Somchai Khemklad who attended the party with his wife.

[Source via Konmun]

A blast from JR’s past for those who don’t remember.

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