Kimberly Has Preference For Tom's?

Becoming one of the rookie actress that a lot of people are keeping a close eye on actress, Kimberly Ann Voltemas from “Thara Himalai”. With her attractive appearance if a guys see’s her they would want to claim her all the themselves. Whether it be guys from the entertainment business or outside of it.

Starting from when she fell into the news of creeper (ไม้เลื้อย/mái léuay *which is a stick to used to climb trails) Phra Aek, Chakrit Yamnam. Where the 2 had fell into rumors together after working with one another, but had came out to deny a relationship. That rumor has fell off, but now another comes to surface and there are some waves making it to ears saying that Kimberly has a preference for brave women (in other words lesbians) and Kimberly has came out to say that they were just friends.

This sort of thing can’t be passed our media eyes because the day before T.V. Inside’s reporters saw the pretty actress and a “tough woman” walking at Crystal Park and the whole time they were walking around they were whispering and enjoying themselves, but in order to fool us had another female friend join them. While they were walking the female friend was walking ahead while Kimberly and the tom walked behind and continued chittering and laughing.

If Kimberly does mold her heart for a tom than you can hope that guys will be disappointed.

[Source via Entertain Teenee/TV Inside]

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