"Rome" Patchata Went Under The Knife to Get Rhinoplasty?

It seems that the case of wanting to look handsome and beautiful is becoming a normal thing around the celebrities in this generation. Especially around those of Phra Aek and Nang Aek status who has to use their face and form to be their source of income. There has been a lot of news and rumors around the mill that there are some that go under the knife to enhance or fix their features to keep it steady.

Recently the plastic surgery department of Dara Daily had received word that front row actor for Channel 3, “Rome” Patchata Nampan had walked into a plastic surgeon’s clinic somewhere about 3 months ago to adjust the form of his nose to enhance his nose at the clinic. At this clinic, whether it being leading actress,leading actors, or the antagonists will rely on the help of this clinic to make and give the features that they want.

“Rome had came into the clinic to fix his nose bridge to make it more prominent and more better than before. It doesn’t mean that his old one wasn’t good enough, but the new one is just better then before.” The informed source that accompanies celebrities to the plastic surgery clinic revealed to Dara Daily and had told to compare pictures of Rome from 4 months ago to the present to see if his nose looks any different.

When comparing pictures of Rome at the opening ceremony for “Duang Dtaa Sawun” (Heaven’s Eyes) his nose seemed short and straight which looks better then the last time he had looked when at an event at Robinson Rangsit in June.

[Source via Dara Daily]

This isn’t the first time the actor has been accused of getting rhinoplasty. In August the actor’s nose was under watchful eyes also. Which you can read here.

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