Kind-Hearted, "Por" Thissadee Will Be Making Short Movie;Proceeds Goes to Helping Animals

Allover handsome and also kind-hearted, actor, “Por” Thissadee Sahawong will be making a project which will be a series of short movies where proceeds will go to help animals that have been affected by the flood and along with WSPA (World Society for the Protection of Animals). The actor said that this will be the first time that he will be making. As if he would consider being a director in the future, Por said he’ll have to practice first.

“Right now there is an exhibition on the 15th of November (yesterday) at The Emporium organized by the WSPA. We are holding a fundraiser to help animals who were affected in the long run. Like when there was the flood, we had helped so many people already, but we forgot about the animals who are affected by the flood just as much as their owners are. We thought that since the water had decreased down and we can go help and think of ways of funding and helping in the long run.”

In the funding what else are you doing? “In the work I have a very short film that I will be working on with the production team which is, “Through The Eyes of Us” where the animals can convey their feelings through the eyes. There are a lot of activities going on. There is a documentary and a short film which the short film if of mine that will demonstrate the needs of the animals. It is the first time that I am making a short film where I’m giving it my all. I realized that there are a lot of specific details and it’s only 5 minutes. If it was longer than that than I’d probably die.”

[Source via Rakdara]

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