Film Annie Saga – 14th November 2010

‘Puen Ying’ Women’s Society has filed a report to take legal action against film Director “Poj” Arnon for defamation on behalf of Annie Brook. Poj is the second person to be sued by the women’s group, whom have previously filed a lawsuit against CEO of RS Promotion, “Hea Hoh” Surachai Chetchotisak.

In a recent interview, Poj confessed RS Promotion has also filed a lawsuit against Annie Brook on behalf of Film Rattapoom.

Annie wrote a poem in distressed, Film has sued!

In response to the news that “Film” Rattapoom has given authorization for his Entertainment label, RS Promotion to take legal action against Annie Brook for defamation after she accused the singer to be the father of her baby, but refused paternity test.

Distressed by the lawsuit against her, Annie revealed she could not sleep after she discovered the news that Film has sued. On the night of 12th November, Annie confessed, her emotional health can not be described in an interview. Instead she had written a poem.

[ It doesn’t rhyme because it’s a translated version ]

What did I do wrong, why did they accuse me of so such evil & sinful conduct

They demanded for me to take paternity test, like a slap in the face

They accused me of being promiscuous

No matter how much they abuse me, I don’t mind

Even if they stepped on my face and called me names

I’m still lucky because I have you by my side

Today they sued me, they want to put me in jail

They want to take you away from me, I’m shaking

Where is justice in this world? Do they want to take away my breath?

He doesn’t want me, he doesn’t want my son, I never criticized him for it

I can raise my son alone

From now on, I will fight till death..

I’ll let him know, that even without a father, you will survive…

Source via Thairath

Annie Brook is suing Poj Arnon

Puen Ying women’s society has come forward to file a lawsuit against Film Director Poj Arnon for defamation.

From what we’ve seen in the media from Poj, we’ve gathered that we can take legal action because he has been emphasizing on what Hea Hoh had been saying. Which is considered defamation through the media, the prosecution for this is a two year jail term and a fine of 200,000 baht”

“Are we planning to sue more people, we’ll wait and see, anyone else who comes forward to jeapardized Annie, we will take legal action”

Source via Manager

Poj revealed RS Promotion has sued

In an interview with Manager online, Poj Arnon revealed the following;

“Personally we’re confident in our evidence because we have a lot and RS Promotion has a lot too. Which is good, now we get to reveal them in court. It’s a good opporunity for us to point out that we were not trying to defame her. We can use our evidence in court, win or lose it doesn’t matter because we consider this being the right thing to do. Honestly Film has given me the authority to sue from the 18th of I can’t remember which month, but I didn’t sue because she has a kid but now that she’s suing us, RS Promotion is suing too”

Are you going to sue her as well?

“For me, if she’s done something to jeopardised me I will counter sue. But RS Promotion has sued already and they have informed the press. Annie is not the only person they’re suing, go and investigate, they sued one more person but they don’t want to make news about it. Our side, we don’t want to be in the news, this should end already”

Annie Brook will fight in court

Siamdara contacted Annie Brook for an interview on the day after it was revealed that RS Promotion has sued.

Did you know, RS Promotion has sued

“Yes, I’ve been informed but I can’t say much. Honestly, I’m a girl and now that this is going to court, I don’t want to say anything that could affect the case”

How do you feel, some people are saying you’ve come to a dead end

“No, and I don’t feel anything. I’m not scared either. However this will end, it will be up to court, but I believe there is still justice out there. When I first discovered about this news, I couldn’t sleep, when the court order arrived I was very stressed. I have thought about it, thinking that it would eventaully get to this but I’m just one girl. With all these news, my life is getting harder, in the stage when reporters were camping outside my condo, it was hard for me to get around. If I walked around with anyone, that person will get called as my baby’s father. I never thought it would come to this”

Are you still gong ahead with your lawsuit and fight this in court?

“I will fight and leave everything in the hands of the law. It’s best to talk in court. Right now I have to discuss with my lawyers and the women’s group, I can’t say too much”

Would you like to pass on a message to Film?

“I don’t know what to say because he’s about to be ordained. Als I’ve said everything already, I don’t have anything else. Right now the only person who wil bear all the impact is the child”

Annie Brook cried at Teekayu’s adoption ceremony

On the 14th of November, Annie Brook and her son attended the adoption ceremony for her son ‘Teekayu’ and newly adopted father, Dr Shollatis Sunratchatanont, President of Plastic Surgery, Thailand.

At the ceremony, Dr Sollatis was unable to attend and has sent his close relative Nurse Siriporn Tanintaranont to attend the ceremony on his behalf.

On the day, Annie Brook cried tears of joy and revealed to the press that she is happy that Dr Shollatis has adopted her son. In the future, Dr Sollatis will be responsible for all of her son’s educational expenses. And as for whether or not Teekayu will change his last name to use Dr Sollatis’s last name, Annie said, she will have to talk about this later.

As for Nurse Siriporn, a close relative of Dr Sollatis revealed the doctor could not attend the ceremony because his flight from Australia has delayed. And as for whether or not Dr Shollatis will sign papers to legalize his adoption, the doctor will have to answer this question for himself.

Source via Khoasod

Upcoming dates:

Hea Hoh & Annie Brook to appear in court 20th December 2010 for defamation lawsuit against Hea Hoh

Poj Arnon & Annie Brook to appear in court 17th January 2010 for defamation lawsuit against Poj Arnon

Film Rattapoom & Annie Brook to appear in court 22nd January 2010 for defamation lawsuit against Annie Brook

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