Tanya opens up, still loves Peck

Tanya opens all her heart to “Woody Gert Ma Kui” show, a year of feeling really bad. She still with no plans of returning to Thailand. As for Leah, she says that her daughter will attend school in America. She also admits that she’s still in love with Peck.

As for all the news regarding the family of “Peck-Tanya” where a young actress became the third hand in their marriage, Tanya couldn’t take anymore news in Thailand and decided to take her daughter and leave to America. More news of sound clips emerged with the public yearning to hear what Tanya has to say. Lets listen to Tanya’s interview…

At 10.30pm on Tuesday, November 9th in Thailand, and 8.30am in America (Phoenix, Arizona), Tanya woke up especially with Nong Leah to drive 30 minutes from her house in Arizona. She admits that she is ready and that she feels better and not pressured as before. She also adds that she is able to wake up smiling again and ready to open up with us on every issue.

“Everyday I wake up and talk to my daughter. We both just lay around for a little bit before taking her for a bath. I make breakfast for her, sometimes I make things that I don’t even make in Thailand. Leah is an easy eater and loves vegetables and yogurt. She doesn’t really have a problem with eating. After that, she would go play with our relatives, her cousins. Around 2pm, Leah would take a nap. In the evening, we would take a walk around the park or go shopping, depends. I always stayed with her 24/7. Right now, she’s starting to talk, saying words like ‘ma’ ‘mum’ and ‘bye-bye’.”

“She’s a little mischievous at times though and doesn’t stay still. She loves animals like dogs, cats, and birds. When she sees them, she’s really happy. When p’Peck flies to visit, she’ll get shy for a little bit before she drags him to play with her. She’s still very young, so there’s not problems with her father kaa. When p’Peck calls, he’ll always ask to talk to her and Leah would talk back… we don’t know what she says but she just talks they way kids do.”

After that, Tanya explains that right now she is currently consulting Peck about Leah’s schooling. Her husband wants their daughter to return to Thailand, but at the same time still wants his daughter to go to school here in America so she’ll learn the language.

“Right now, we haven’t agreed kaa. We’re currently looking into schools. I’ve taken her to one and she loves it na kaa. I just have to consult with p’Peck first. At first, he just wanted her to return to Thailand, but now he understands and wants her to study here because she’ll learn the language.”

When asked the question of her going back to Thailand, the young n’ek said that if it’s right now, probably not because staying here makes her feel at best. She also admitted that her and p’Peck are not arguing anymore and that they talk together using reason because they both want Leah to have a mother and father.

“As for me returning to Thailand or not, right now I would say no. The past year has been miserable, but right now I feel a lot better. I can wake up smiling and I have the strength to take care of my daughter. Right now, I’m not working. I’m just taking care of my daughter and giving her my all. As for all the expenses, p’Peck takes care of all of that because he’s said before that he will never let his child struggle. Right now, p’Peck and I are talking with reason. We don’t argue anymore. We mostly talk about our daughter. We both want Leah to have a father and mother, but we haven’t come to a conclusion. It’s more like a time for us to think about everything.”

About the news of sound clips, the young n’ek did it because she was after of losing her daughter. She also admits that she has more clips than the ones on the news, but deleted them because it causes negativity on all parties.

“I believe that anyone who is a mother will understand. I’ve thought before that I was going to lose my child. I didn’t know how I would live without her. With all the things that happened, I didn’t know what the future will be like. That is why I recorded. My friends were even scared. I would even record my friends too. Honestly, there’s more clips than the one that was leaked out, but I deleted them all. I don’t want to keep them anymore, there was a lot na.I didn’t want anyone to hear that we were arguing. It has a negative impact on both sides. It is a lesson learned, so I just stopped.”

No matter what, when asked about divorce… the young n’ek said that she didn’t want to talk about it, but confirms that she is still accepting her husband Peck Sanchai.

“I still don’t want to talk about divorce. I admit that I still love p’Peck na kaa, but I just want to stay like this for now. I free relieved of stress. I just want to stay by myself and my daughter. I want to take care of her the best that I can.”

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