Puri still considers Ann Alicia someone special

Puri Hirunprik admits that he still considers “Ann” Alicia Laisuthruklai someone special. As for the news of a third hand getting involved in their relationship, he says to not worry. Right now, Puri is currently trying to clear issues with an event owner accusing him of neglecting work, ruining the event. Puri says that he never agreed to do work for them.

“About the event, I’m still confused na krub because I never agreed to do work for her. She called me and asked if I’m free on the 8th. She’s an owner of a car dealership selling some mini car. I told her that I was not free and that I will be filming a show. I also told her that when I get finished, I will drop by her showroom to take a look. That’s all I said.”
“On the evening of the 8th, she called me and asked where I was and why I’m not here at the show. I don’t even know when I agree to go to the show. I’m still really confused. She should have called me to clear everything na, but til now she hasn’t even called to clear.”

“Ann called me and asked me when I neglected work because they called her to replace me. I told her that I didn’t neglect anybody’s work, but someone must have agreed themselves because I didn’t neglect for sure. I didn’t agree to take on any jobs. Plus, they didn’t call me to tell me either. They just signed me on to do the job, but I didn’t agree with them to do it.”

“Honestly, there is no contract. I want to see her na. She should have called me to clear the issue. If she doesn’t call me within one week, I’m going to go to her showroom to see her. I’ve never neglected anyone’s work. She said that I neglected her event. Is this what the entertainment industry does now? Do you want to be in the news? I don’t think so.”

“To accuse someone like this is not right. I don’t even know the owner of the event na, but I know the person who does the oscar in the showroom. When Ann called me, I was really surprised. The news reporters and p’Air of Exact called me asking me why I accepted a job and neglected it. I told them that I’ve never neglected any job, but if she doesn’t come and clear with me I won’t think too much about it. I will just drop by the place and ask her why she did this and that I never agreed to come to the event, so why did she do this.”

“With Ann, we are distant for the past 3-4 months. Before that, I wasn’t happy because we argued a lot. That’s why I thought we should both take a step back and rethink things over. We needed to think if we still need each other. I’ve thought about it and I do miss her. So we’ve been talking again for about a little over a month. Right now, it’s going… just little steps at a time. I’ve been about label a lot lately because I’ve been filming a TV show as well as 2 other lakorns.”
“About the news with other girls, honestly, there’s nothing at all krub. Like with Rotmay, she’s like my sister. We are co-workers working together. As for n’Mint, I believe I went to a wedding and were at the after party together. With Yo, I’m still confused. We did meet up in Chiang Mai. I went to shoot a show with p’Aom Piyada and went to hang out together afterwards and I met Yo there, who was also there for a fashion shoot. There’s nothing at all krub.”

Source: Daradaily

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