Film Annie Saga – 11th November 2010

At her latest function, Annie Brook clarified a leaked photograph of her and an unidentified man claiming he’s just a fling from the past. However, if anyone should try to link him as her baby’s father, Annie threatens to sue.

On the 14th of this month, Annie revealed there will be a ceremony in regards to her son’s new adopted father/god father. And as for Film’s upcoming monk ordination, Annie suggested for him to come and ask her for forgiveness prior to his ordination and she will forgive him but never forget!

Here is an extract of her interview via manager during her appearance at an event in Ram Intra;

“Oh, those photos are old. I don’t know why they published it. It’s papparazzi photos from I don’t know when, but it’s definitely not now because right now I am not as skinny as I was then. If you ask if the photos were taken during the time when I was seeing Film, maybe that’s why they leaked the photos, I want to say that it’s not and if anyone should try and say this other person is my baby’s father I might sue. Please underline that”

“If people are trying to say that the photographs were taken during the time when I was seeing Film, then please think of the child, don’t just throw whatever into this. Right now things are starting to calm down and I’m happy about that. I get to come back to living a comfortable life and concentrate on work only, right now I’m not thinking too much. If there should be more leaking photos like this, then think of it as entree because I’m not serious anymore. I know what’s what and the people hae common sense, even the media should know that those photos were old photographs. Right not I’m busy raising my son and my heart is not open to accept anyone”

Annie admitted her baby son “Teekayu” has been declared an adopted son of Dr Shollatis, President of Plastic Surgery.

“This is good news because me and the doctor have known each other for a long time because I am also from the medical field”

“The reason why I’m making my son his adopted child is because the doctor and his wife are very good people. They have a very kind heart and I have known him for a long time. He wants to take care of my son’s educational expenses and support my son’s education so at the very least my son will not miss out”

“The doctor and his wife will not be paying for everything, maybe for some things because as I have said. I am the mother and I will continue to do my job as a mom such as paying for his general expenses. I’m not letting other people support him fully. The doctor will only look after education”

“The doctor is allowing me to raise my son, it’s not like I have given him up totally, he’s just going to pay for my son’s education but he won’t be interfering in the way I bring up my son. I can do all of that. As for the legal aspect, he will sign papers to adopt Teekayu but this won’t happen till after the 14th of november, the adoption ceremony”

Annie suggested for Film to come ask her for forgiveness prior to his ordination ceremony

“I’m happy that he’s about to be ordained. I think at his ceremony he will have the most girls wanting to carry the pillow for him”

“If you want to know about asking for forgiveness. Well according to the buddhist ceremony, prior to becoming ordained he should go around asking people for forgiveness, with his heart, body and mind. Even if he doesn’t really mean it, he should ask everyone for forgiveness. However, I have no expectations on it, but I will forgive him regardless, forgive but never forget”

Can you talk more about your lawsuit against Hea Hoh of RS Promotion

“The women’s Society is looking after the legal aspect of my case because I have given them the authority to do so. Personally I don’t have time for it because I’ve been busy working. As for whether or not I will withdraw Film’s name from being specified as the father, well I think we need to ask both parties about what happened. But if it gets to that point, I would be happy to take his name off. Since it was my decision then it’s okay. I want to tell the people that I can’t just accuse anyone of being my baby daddy, if that was possible then all the celebrities would be fathers to so many children. It’s not easy you know, people can’t just say anyone is the father, I want people to look at it a little bit, in my case something did happen”

“As for if Hea Hoh doesn’t counter-sue but instead ask for me to withdraw my lawsuit against him. then I will have to ask the seniors about it because the women’s society is handling this case. I will have to discuss with them first”

“I’m not out to compete or fight with anyone. I’m not planning to bring anyone down. I’m doing this for my son because in the future I will have to have an answer for him and people can’t just make accusations like that”

“Honestly I’m tired. And I feel sorry for my son because in the end, the one we should feel most sorry for is the child. Because it seems like the adults are fighting and I’m talking about myself too. Right now I don’t want to look at this case anymore. It’s whatever now, people can do whatever because I can’t do anything. I just feel sorry for my son”

“I haven’t prepared anything for when I go to court, I’m just going to tell the truth but if the other party doesn’t counter sue then that would be very nice and cute because all I have is me and my son, I honestly can’t fight with them”

Film Rattapoom asks for forgiveness through the media

Prior to his monk ordination ceremony, “Film” Rattapoom Tokongsub appears at RS Promotion office to ask “Hea Hoh” Surachai Chetchotisak, CEO of RS Promotion for forgiveness.

On the same day, he also asks for forgiveness through the media press – to all parties.

“Today I’m here to ask for forgiveness from the executives. A moment ago I was with Hea Hoh and he told me to use this time wisely to learn more about religion and I will do that. I will learn more about buddhism and use the knowledge in the future so that I won’t make anymore mistakes”

“I’m happy that I will finally get to be ordained after having to postpone for so long because I had so much work. Today I want to ask the executives for forgiveness, the fans and everyone else who is involved. I’m going to ask for forgiveness through the media because I’m afraid I won’t get to ask everyone for forgiveness”

“I will be ordained on the 25th November at 6am”

Is there anyone in particular that you want to ask for forgiveness?

“Everyone that I mentioned before. I want everyone to come to my monk ordination ceremony and if in the past I have done anything to hurt or offend anyone, I want to say that I didn’t mean it and I would like for everyone to forgive me for my sins”

Will you be asking Annie for forgiveness

“Honestly, the one I’m giving out through the media should be enough”

She said she will forgive you but never forget

“That’s okay”

People say sometimes bad things happen before ordination, have you experienced that

“I’ve been through a lot already, it can’t get worse than this”

Apparently you don’t want Fai to attend you ordination ceremony?

“Honestly I don’t want to talk about this anymore because we don’t talk to each other anymore. But I am the one who’s responsible for everything. I’ve started all of this so I blame myself”

“As for all the lawsuits that are going on right now. I don’t want to think about it because I’m going into monkhood soon, my family and lawyers will deal with it”

Source via Rakdara

Film asks for forgiveness from the President of the Media Press Society

Film asks Hea Hoh for forgiveness

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