Do You Remember Him? Where Is He Now?

“Tom” Isara Kitnitchee former child star who portrayed the character of “Jao Som Chun” from the lakorn, “Ruen Mayura” which was a hit 13 years ago had been off studying in Los Angeles. Tom broadcasts himself through the web to show of his singing skills through YouTube. Which has been causing quite a hit and with nearly 625,000 views and with nearly 500,000 fans on Facebook that LOVEiS signed Tom as an artist under their record label. Tom is under the group, ‘Room 39’ with members Mon and Wen-Yai.

[Source Entertain Teenee]

When I heard the song that Tom sang, “Kao Gun Mai Dai” by Synkornize, it’s not a wonder that he was picked up by a record label and garnered much attention.

Room 39 Covers “Just The Way You Are” by Bruno Mars

Room 39 Facebook & Youtube & Twitter

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