Paula Shows Off Her Magnificently Handsome Fiancé

After having announced that she will be marrying at the end of this year not so long ago, Paula Taylor had attended an event with her soon to be groom, Edward Buttery. Edward had flew all the way from England to attend the event with Paula that the 2 were showing her sweet love to make those around them jealous!

Plus Paula had told the deets on the progress of her wedding plans and how much has she planned already.

“Right now the wedding plans are going continuously, but it’s starting to get busy also because I’ve ignored it for awhile. It was my fault.(When asked if she has stopped being nervous/excited yet, Paula replied,) “No not yet ka. I’m starting to get more nervous than before. It’s once in a lifetime.” (Wedding preparations) “I’ve already gotten my wedding dress. As for the invitation cards I’m starting to do them and they’re starting to become more detailed, but I haven’t gotten my hands on doing anything at all yet.” (What is the concept of your wedding?) “We’ll have to wait and see first. but it’ll be our style.” (We heard that the concept will be something sweet and cute?) “There might be our style, but it’ll be cute for sure. That’s all I can say.” (We heard that Nana (Rybeena) is looking for hotels for you?) “Yes, that’s right because she’s in charge of looking for hotels. There are a lot of positions ka. A lot ka. There is one who is handling the dresses, hotel, invitations, and guests. We have divided everything ka. We’re helping each other out because they want to prepare it for me so much. Everyone wants to prepare for a wedding, so they came and is preparing mine.” (How many bridesmaid will you have?) “I don’t know the specific amount, but there is probably no more than 10.” (Your friends said that we should wait for you to tell who will be your bridesmaid.) “That’s right because everyone is rushing in outfits, but I don’t want to tell. I want to have my outfit beautiful first.”

[Source Siambunterng]

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