"Min" Pichaya Slips and Praises "Om" Akapan

Changing her characters to come and play a comedy in the lakorn, “Ban-dai Dok Rak” co-starring alongside actor, “Om” Akapan Namart. Actress, “Min” Pichaya Watthanamontree admits it was hard, but she is not shaken that there are love news stirring off-set for her and her co-worker, plus she reveals that “Om” is a cute gentleman.

“The genre of this movie is a romantic comedy. In this lakorn, I’m co-starring alongside, “Om” and there is Sammy who is also in this. I see it as a big turning point for me and I had to do a lot of homework to play in this lakorn. At first I had thought it would be easy that I can be myself also, cheerful and fresh, but when I played it and every beat I had to be able to follow. Which…Oh hoh, it was hard. When I played the character I had to seek help from a professional in lakorns, from the director to the senior actors who had played in a comedy before. It was something that is exciting and challenging for me.”

No matter what “Min” Pichaya talks about her co-star, “Om” Akapan who has fell into the rumor mill with her before all of this saying, “Om” is a really cute guy (narak) and he is a person who has talent because P’Om is an actor who is good and he’s a good gentleman. He’s cute, I like it. When we came to take on the same lakorn it didn’t make me or P’Om feel uncomfortable because when we’re on the set we’re not just sitting with the 2 of us. There are the production crew and there is Sammy and the rest of the cast. We’re like a group of gangs and that’s why we don’t feel tense because P’Om is really cute and very friendly.”

[Source via Siambunterng]

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