"Mark" Parin Denies Seeing A Lady Outside The ET Biz

“I don’t have any krub, I have a lot of friends. There is no one that I’m especially talking to. Right now I’m single.” Hot actor, “Mark” Parin Suparat denied the allegations of the rumor that he is secretly seeing a lady outside of the Entertainment Business.

When asked of the contract that Channel 3 won’t allow their rookie actors to disclose their relationship information, Mark denied it also.

“Ohh… There is no news of the bosses telling us any of this, but with the image of the actors/actresses we have to maintain our own image.”

If you have a girlfriend would you tell?

“I will have to consider it once again to see if it will have an impact or not and if there is than I will have to keep quiet on it first. Then I can reveal it all at once, but right now the most important thing right now is work and it comes first krub.”

Won’t the person you’re seeing feel hurt?

“We will have to talk it out and understand each other.”

[Source via Entertain Teenee/Khaosod News]

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