Film Annie Saga – 8th November 2010

“Annie Brook” showed up at Songkla province to help out flood victims. The actress dismissed claims that her charitable involvement was for publicity.

Annie also announced her baby ‘Teekayu’ has been adopted by Dr Shollatis Sinratchatanont, President of the Plastic Surgery of Thailand.

Annie revealed to Siamdara

“In terms of work, I’ve been regular job offers such as appearances and hosting jobs at certain events. However, some didn’t make the news so people didn’t know about it. As for acting, I’m acting in Chinchasawun and some short lakorns”

“If you ask if I have a lot of work right now, well not too much. I’m lucky that the executives are still kind to me”

Teekayu has an adopted father now?

“That’s right. On the 14th there will be a religious ceremony at a temple and the president of Plastic Surgery of Thailand and his wife has offered his kindness. He is very kind to Nong Teekayu and he wants to adopt Teekayu and pays for all of Teekayu’s educational expenses. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the doctor”

“I’m happy that someone adores my son and the doctor told me that at the very least my son won’t have to feel like he’s missing out on anything because he would always have an adopted father who cares for him”

Poj Arnon will no longer be suing on behalf of Film Rattapoom

“I’d rather not comment on that because I haven’t been following the news. I’ve spent most of my time raising my son, I barely have any time left to watch TV. Most of the time I ask reporters for updates but I don’t want to comment on this because I honestly don’t know”

What about your own court case?

“The seniors (Women’s Society) are taking care of this. I am not involved in this at all but when the court calls me I will go to court. But personally I don’t know anything about the law so I don’t want to get involved”

Film previously came out to help flood victims and now you’re doing it too

“Honestly I don’t know who’s been doing what. Like I said, I haven’t been following the news but when I see other people having to live on their roof because of the floods I felt sorry for them. It’s like they’ve been locked up in prison, the same kind of predicament that I was in. When I saw that I felt like they must be feeling the way I felt or even more because they have lost everything. And now that I have the opportunity, why wouldn’t I want to help? I don’t need to donate thousands or millions of baht. I can just come out here with my two hands and help out with sincerity. I don’t need to create an image for anyone to see”

How do you feel about the critical assumption that you’re trying to create good publicity inorder to get back into the industry again?

“If you look back in the past, I didn’t have any money. A lot of people forget that in the past one year I had to eat, I had to provide for my mom, I had to pay off my car loan and my other expenses. I didn’t have any income coming in and right I have a son and I’m a mother who has to work and provide for her child. I can’t sit here and care about other people’s criticism. Personally, I don’t mind what people say, my son comes first”

Will you be returning to the industry full time now?

“I can’t say, it’s up to the kindness of the executives. If they can still see some talent in me then I would be happy to serve them. As for the news about a pocket book. In the beginning I didn’t have any intention to release one but now that people are talking about it a lot. I might release one. And if I do, it will be a mother and child diary”

“Lastly I would like to thank everyone for their support, thank you to the women’s society for standing by my side. From now on I want to do what I can for Nong Teekayu”

Poj Arnon transfers his evidence to RS Promotion, will no longer be suing Annie

Poj Arnon announced he will not be suing Annie Brook on behalf of Film Rattapoom because RS Promotion will take care of it instead. Poj revealed he has transferred all of his evidence to Film’s record company.

“In the beginning I wanted to sue because at the time people were still speculating. And in the beginning, RS Promotion didn’t want anything to do with Film anymore so I wanted to get proof, I wanted to know the truth. At the time I have prepared all the evidence and I was ready to go to court”

“But then Film went back to RS Promotion and now RS are saying they want to take care of all of Film’s matters and now that I know they want to take care of it, I’m more comfortable and I’m going to let them handle it. I have transferred everything to RS Promotion and I’m comfortable now”

“Right now Film is back at work and RS Promotion is giving him back all of his jobs so everything that I wanted to do for Film, I gave it all back to RS and I’ve stopped everything because RS Promotion will definitely sue”

“The first thing they will sue for is defamation because the other party accused Film of being the father and Film had suffered a great loss from the accusation. He lost a lot of work and time. And it’s a good thing that RS will be taking care of it, I have already given them all of my evidence”

Source via Manager

Film & Janie appeared at an event together

Film Rattapoom and Janie Tienpohsuwan attended an event job together for the first time but both revealed they are just friends with each other.

Film: Accepting an event job together was fun. I’m just here today for the event but people might be watching us a little bit because of the news but we have always been friends with each other and she’s a really good person. Whenever I have problems I could always go to her for advice. We can talk about everything

Janie:  I’m excited, there’s so many people here and for the event we got to use a lot of special effects. In the past, I’ve always given Film my support and it’s not like I  have to stop talking to him because of his news. If that was the case, we wouldn’t be able to work with each other again

Film: We are still good friends with each other

Any chance for progress?

Film: Being friends is good already because I want to have this good feelings forever. But in the future I don’t know”

Janie: Like Film said, we are better off as friends

Will you be attending Film’s monk ordination?

Janie: “I’ve got a lakorn to film on that day”

Janie then made a quick exit from the crowd of reporters

Film, someone saw you at Asia Song Festival

“I did go to Korea, I took my family for a holiday but I didn’t go to the concert because I didn’t have to perform there anymore. I just took my parents for a holiday”

Apparently you weren’t pleased that Bie got to perform at the concert instead of you

“It’s not true. Bie did a great job and I’m proud for any Thai artist who got to perform at the concert, it doesn’t have to be me. I’m happy for anyone”

“As for the news that Hea Hoh and P’Poj are going to get sued, I don’t know because I’ve been in Korea”

Are you going to sue?

“It’s up to the executives. I don’t know anything because I alone wouldn’t be able to make any decision on my own, it’s up to the executives”

What work do you have now?

“Mainly modelling and music”

So you’re back in the industry now?

“Most of my time will be spent on music because I want to do that first. RS Promotion wants me to work on something that can be kept for a long time because I have to go to England for 6 months. Right now I just want to work, I don’t want to mingle with anyone”

Is it true that Fai Boussarin is your real girlfriend?

“I don’t want to say anything about what happened. I don’t want to talk about anyone. People say it’s like I’m dating Fai but then goes and tell everyone that she’s just a friend, I don’t know. I don’t want to talk about anyone at this stage”

Source via Gossipstar

Film’s alleged Girlfriend breaks down crying on TV Show

Fai Boussarin was invited to ‘Laung Lub Tub Taek’ Show. On the show she revealed her uncertain relationship with Film Rattapoom. The singer broke down crying when the host asked if it was true that Film told her not to attend his monk ordination ceremony.

She confessed it’s true.

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