Peck tries to reconcile with Tanya using her wedding ring

Peck Sanchai shows his romantic side trying to reconcile with his wife, Tanya, by using her wedding ring and talking about Leah’s schooling. Is this a good or bad thing that all three of them are together mother-father-daughter? I wouldn’t know! Their close friend, VJ Pitta, even denies knowing anything about the news of a hi-so guy trying to reconcile with older generation n’ek.

Sounds like this is something that we all have to keep our eyes open about. Before this, news of Pinky Savika as the 3rd hand to breaking the Ingtrakul family broke out. Sound clips were also leaked making every eye the relationship of “Tanya-Peck”. When will this fiasco ever end? After the leaked sound clips, there was news of Peck flying to America to reconcile with this wife, Tanya. Some rumors said that they reconciled and got back together, while some said that he failed at reconciling.

When our reporters got the opportunity to meet with VJ Pitta, Tanya’s close friend, they were able to ask about the rumors and whether or not they were true. Pitta denied the rumors and said that she hasn’t had the opportunity to talk to Tanya,

“As for these rumors, I don’t even know about it kaa. I don’t know how they are doing. I haven’t had the opportunity to talk to them na kaa. I think it’s better to leave it as a family matter and let them take care of it themselves kaa. If there is anything going on, I’m sure p’Peck or p’Tanya will come and tell you all themselves. I think it’s better for me to just give them support kaa (smiles).”

No matter what, our reporters have heard that Peck traveled all the way to America to reconcile with Tanya. He tried to so romantically by pulling out her wedding ring, the ring that she took off in Thailand, and put it back on her finger. He even told her to always wear it, making Tanya happy with his actions. We’ve also heard that when Peck was in America, all 3 of them seemed to have a lot of fun and were happy like a family father-mother-daughter. It was also said that they talked about Leah’s schooling.

Source: Zubzip

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