“Ann-Ken” professionals of on-screen kissing

On-screen couple, Ken Teeradeth and Ann Thongprasom, are back together again in “365 Wun Haang Ruk”, a romantic lakorn brought to you by J Group Co., Ltd. with Nok Jariya Anfone as the organizer.

Even though the lakorn has only gotten an 8 in ratings while “Khun Pau Waan Wao” gets a 10, if you compare the positive feedback of the two lakorns via internet, we can say that our favorite on-screen couple “Ann-Ken” is no loser.

Aside from their “Sawan Bieng” lakorn with an outstanding rating, we would say that it was because of “Ann-Ken” hardwork in playing as a love and hate couple who aren’t shy of hugging and kissing. For example, in the scene where “Lanali “(Ann) is upset at “Tun” (Ken), falls asleep, dreams that they were fighting, and breaks up with Tun. When she wakes up, she gets startled. She then looks at Tun, gives him a kiss, and hugs him. After that, Lanali isn’t upset anymore and they both understand each other.

In this sweet scene between “Ann-Ken”, our awesome director Elle Aumpaiporn Jitmaingong directed the couple to kiss and hug each other like a newlywed couple. So “Ann-Ken” continue to act as the director said, turning out so sweet. Please continue to follow this lakorn at 8:30pm on Ch3.

Source: Daradaily

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