Celebs Before and After; No Make-Up Edition

Yes, we all know that make-up is the beauty essential for every female out there, but when it comes to normality, female celebrities do like to go au natural when not working. When will people understand, make-up is a part of a woman’s life. Without our make-up some can’t accept what we look like.

A netizen on Entertain Teenee compiled a list of celebrities without their beauty essentials on. From the looks of the pictures of the before, they seem to be really old pictures that they had gathered up to compare with the after look.

Some are still beautiful without make-up on.

You can check out the Before and After; Plastic Surgery Edition

2 responses to “Celebs Before and After; No Make-Up Edition

  1. Aff looks like a young girl, not scary, she has no make-up but I think O.K.
    you can see the other actress have some BB Cream althougt, so not scary.

    I think Aff is OK. and only show one pictrues is not fair, you can show more aff photo without make-up then can compare with.

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