Rumored: Golf-Mike Split Up Because of Money and Women

We have to say that duo brothers “Golf” Pichaya and “Mike” Pirath Nitipaisarnkul is never free from the many various news occurring around them. Even though they have been carrying solo activities of their own, they still can’t seem to escape the news from saying that the profits of their albums were not being divided evenly that it led their mother, Mrs, Prasai Nitipaisarnkul dissatisfaction that she had to come out and elucidate that “Golf” and “Mike” has met with scandalous news and has been working too hard that he’s bound to be tired and downhearted.

“He has to understand already that working in this industry he’s bound to be tired because he’s working in public. I would teach him on how to speak and what he should be careful on what to say, but like they say, he’s a man and he’s probably stronger than expected. If he wasn’t strong he couldn’t be able to be here (in the entertainment industry) and whatever news or rumors there are he has to be able to accept them.”

“Golf-Mike” seems like they’re more adult than their age.

“Yes, that’s right because in their line of work they will meet elders. If you ask me am I am disheartened if they should use their life as a normal person? I don’t because I think that they’re born to be here and it’s better than having them playing video games and hanging out with friend. Being in the industry they learn responsibilities and I think that they profit from that more than any other teens.”

A lot of people are looking at as if “Golf-Mike” split up because of girls.

“I want the fan clubs to look at is as if they are getting older and the company would want new talents and wants change. You can see that both of them are growing up and if it was like before where they were working together on an album and they were young so fans knew which was “Golf” and which was “Mike”. When it’s the right time they can come back to work together again.”

And there has been rumors about profits that they couldn’t divide it evenly.

“No, there’s no profits because their father handles their financial situation. Both of them doesn’t hold the money. They use the allowance that they are given each month. Their father determines it and they can’t fight about it because their father handles it. They are only given allowance every month.

So all the money that they receive their father handles it?

“That’s right. See, if it was someone else and if they divide the money than there might not even be any money, but they’re still young and at their age range they would need money, but they don’t. They listen and their father decides. This situation was very clear since their first album. Like their car. They have been in the industry for almost 10 years and they just recently got a car and everything is in procedure and up to their father.”

[Source via Entertain Teenee/T.V. Pool]

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