“365 Days Of Love” is not doing so well

Apparently Ken Teradeth’s latest lakorn with Anne Tongprasom “365 days of love” is not doing as well as their previous lakorns have done in the past.

Ken reveals he’s not serious about the feedback.

How are you going with rehearsal for your lakorn play?

“It’s ok. I’m more confident now. In the beginning I wasn’t confident because I didn’t know what to expect and it’s hard to predict but now that I have been to the rehearsal I got to see the picture clearer”

How did you go with handling all the jokes on stage?

“My part is more narrative and quite serious, which is very me. I don’t get to tell any jokes or deal with anyone else’s jokes at all”

Is it harder than acting in a television series

“Honestly because I’ve never done it before I was afraid of making mistakes because it goes on for a while. In lakorns, if you make a mistake, you can do another take but in a play, you can’t and it’s something that people don’t think about. And when we’re rehearsing we can’t worry about it because the more you worry, the more mistakes you’ll make. But honestly I’m more confident now that I have practiced”

Do you find that you now have less time to spend with your son?

“Honestly now I have more time because I’ve finished filming one lakorn and I’m about to finish filming my other one, all I have left to do is the play”

You have 2 children now, do they misbehave?

“My youngest, 3 month old can’t really play yet. But Nong Khun is 2 years old and very naughty, he runs around and climbs up on things and I have to let him do it. When he hurt himself he’ tends to come back. But I think he wants to play with his younger brother, he always tries to give him food and toys but his little brother can’t play yet”

Does Khun get jealous of his younger brother?

“Sometimes but not a lot, he will try to get my attention more but he has to adapt to it and right now he is starting to know things and I have to explain things to him”

How’s the feedback on 365 days of love?

“It’s ok, I get all sorts. Some say it’s fun to watch but some people say it’s too serious”

Alot of people are saying this lakorn is receiving less hype than your other lakorns with Anne

“That’s right (laughs) but I don’t mind. It’s up to the viewers to judge because in my job I just do my best but the decision is up to the viewers to make”

Perhaps the plot is too stressful?

“It only aired for 3 days so I don’t know, it’s up to the viewers but a lot of people are saying that. Although personally, I’m not serious about it”

Do you get teased by Noi about this lakorn?

“No, she watches a lot of my lakorn”

Is there anything about the lakorn that’s similar to your real life marriage?

“It’s probably not like the lakorn. But in a person’s marriage life, sometimes after living together, you can get in the stage where you might fight with each other. But this lakorn is probably not based on a true story”

Is Noi planning to come back into the industry to accept lakorns?

“We have talked about it but right now Nong Joon is still young and she’s still breast feeding so it’s probably not for another 6 months at least because breast feeding is pretty important. But when she’s ready she will come back. As for whether or not we have any upcoming work as a family together, so far no”

Source via Rakdara

One response to ““365 Days Of Love” is not doing so well

  1. have to admit beginning was a bit hard to get into – but gosh i love ken! i’d watch anything. it definitely improved towards the middle and had a happy ending (of course) – love nat myria’s song x

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