“Joy” Rinlanee Sexy Now That She’s in Love?

Whether she’s alternating her roles as a prim heroine or the diva, actress, “Joy” Rinlanee Sripen doesn’t really flaunt her sexiness often for us to see. But recently it seems like Joy has been looking sexy lately. Especially with the way she’s dressed at a fashion show with a strapless pant suit showing a little cleavage. Which led those who had seen it gossip around saying that Joy is glowing with love that it’s showing all around.

When asked about her love with actor, “Nott” Worrarith Feungarom, no matter how happy their relationship might be going, Joy would always seem to say that he’s a very “close friend” until news came out that the two were dating and the public is keeping a close eye on their relationship, but what does Joy’s mother think about this?

Joy opened up and said, “My mom? She hasn’t said anything. My mother knew about it for a long time already and she hasn’t said anything. She has left it up to my decision” (Has your mother advise you saying that you’re not getting to know Nott more?) “No, my mother doesn’t forbid me and she doesn’t interfere with this (relationships). She told me that it’s up to me and she respects my decisions.”

[Source via Siambunterng]

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