"Pat" Napapa Idolizes "Aump" Patcharapa

Actress, “Pat” Napapa Tantrakoon has been looking more beautiful than ever lately. When asked if she had gotten plastic surgery, she will deny it firmly every single time. Recently Pat told reporters that when you talk about beauty, you would have to give that up to Senior actress, “Aump” Patcharapa Chaichuea as the idol with beauty.

“The truth is that I like P’Aump already. She’s beautiful and smart. As for her sexiness, I admire it greatly, but it doesn’t mean that I will have to follow in her footsteps. In the beginning when I met her, I wouldn’t go up and talk to her. All I could do was look and admire her.” (Has there been a lot of sexy photo shoots contacting you?) “There has been some that contacted long ago, but I didn’t accept them. This time I’ll take normal photo shoots that shows a little, but it’s not too sexy. I think that If I’m not ready than I don’t want to do it because fashion shoots now doesn’t have any boundaries. Everything is up to the angle of the photographer and I think that I’m not like that either. I feel that my age and work isn’t at that point to do a swimsuit photo shoot, but I do believe that it will have it’s time.”

[Source via Siambunterng]

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