"Gub Gib" Defends Mario saying, "He's A Real Man"; Not Defending Ploy On Her Feud

‘Gub Gib” Sumolthip Leunguthai had given out an interview about the feud between “Ploy” Chermarn and “Di” Diana that occurred at the party for Absolute Vodka which Gub Gip attended with Ploy to give encouragement to Mario Maurer at his stage performance at said event. That Mario gave out an interview defending Ploy saying she didn’t boo Diana off the stage.

“Truthfully, don’t call it defending at all. I don’t think it was defending at all. When reporters came and asked Mario he had to give an answer. If Mario was to say, “I don’t to comment” and reply, that’s not right which Mario replied the truth that we weren’t booing, but he’s a male and he won’t interfere with female problems no matter if they are arguing with one another or not. But reporters asked him and he had to reply. He’s not defending anyone. Truthfully, Mario didn’t say anything damaging/harmful to anyone and Mario didn’t do anything wrong. So, I don’t understand why they have to talk about Mario. He was just explaining the true situation that occurred that night. “ Gub Gib said.

When reporters went on to ask if they had rehearsed what they were going to say to reporters, Gub Gip replied, “We did not rehearse what we were going to say. If we were telling the truth you can tell that we are replying the same which what had happened we weren’t sitting around saying, “you have to answer like this or that”. We didn’t start the problem and we didn’t walk to reporters first. The situation occurred than reporters came to ask us and than replied like what kids would reply to their elders.”

When asked if Mario was stressing out with the situation Gub Gip replied, “He’s not stressing over this at all. Right now he’s probably even forgot about it now. He doesn’t care about it anymore. Guys aren’t going to sit and think about little problems between girls. He doesn’t even care.”

Reporters went on to ask about the rumors attacking Mario saying he’s not a man at all his girlfriend than replied, “He’s a real man. How do they know that he’s not a man? What evidence do they have? He’s a real man. He was just talking about the truth and to have him come out and say that he won’t comment on it and than he’ll get criticized for telling lies.”

[Source via Entertain Teenee/Khaosod]

And remember the last time when a male got involved between a cat fight?

I’m just saying…

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