Kat dresses up as a transgender on stage of Miss Tiffany

Katreeya English has accepted a rather difficult role in lakorn “Fad Naya” because she has to not only act as 100% woman, but also a trans gender.

This scene was filmed on a real Miss Tiffany stage in Pattaya giving the atmosphere the actors the atmosphere to act well. In this scene, Praang, the trans gender twin, becomes deformed and is unable to continue the pageant. He then tries to convince his twin sister, Pang, who is 100% woman, to pretend to be him in order to continue in the pageant. Pang encounters various obstacles wit Kaofaang, another trans gender that is just as beautiful.

Kat is already pretty as it is, but has to cake on makeup to make her look like a trans gender. In this scene, Kat’s competition is Film Tanyarasmit, a real former winner of Miss Tiffany. After appearing on stage with Film, Kat admits that Film is even prettier than a lot of 100% women out there. She says that Film is so pretty that he/she makes real women look bad.

This scene took up to 3 days to film. Please follow the lakorn “Fad Naya” on Ch.3 na kaa!!

Source: Zubzip

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