Ann Alicia lets go of Puri, has Janie by her side

It gets even harder as time passes by for “Ann” Alicia Laisuthruklai and boyfriend Puri Hirunprik to connect. Therefore, Ann has said “good bye”. Having a great friend like Janie Tienposuwan standing by her side, Ann isn’t lonely anymore and is read to let go.

“In the past, I’ve always been with Janie. We talk about who is going to let go of the other first. Right now, we are competing to see who will get married first. But we are still holding on to each other because we’re the only ones left now na. It’s good that we have our own group of friends. We have friends that are always looking after us and always giving us advice. Before, it probably was Puri. But right now, I have my good friends. I’m not lonely.”

“I’m happy because we get to go places together. Even my life has changed a little where he used to stand right next to me, but now I’m more with my friends. I get to do girlish things because when I was with him, I was more out there. Now, I’m going shopping and I can dress up more. It’s fun.”

Are you opening your heart to other people?

“Well, my heart isn’t closed na kaa, but I’m not searching. No one has approached me na. My heart is open, but I don’t have anyone. If it’s his side, then it’s ok na. If he is able to find someone to complete him in ways that I wasn’t able to I’m not stopping him or anything. But honestly, I still want it to be the same between us na, because nothing about us has changed for me. I’m still around here, it’s not like we’re stuck together like before but I wouldn’t say we’re broken up. It’s just that we need to take some time in think about what it is that we want to do. That’s all.”

Source: Daradaily

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