Num Sornram Gives Advice To Staying In The Industry Long, "Be Yourself"

Being in the Entertainment Industry for 20 years, actor “Num” Sornram Theppitak was asked what’s his secret technique for staying in the industry for so long.

Num revealed, “We have to be faithful to the audience and think about what they have given us. The most important thing is never lack individuality.When you start the lack the ability to be yourself, the viewers won’t be able to find your true self. The will feel that we’re fake, but just be yourself so that you can reply to them with the primary truth. Live economically and sufficient. I can be here until everyday because of the teachings of my mother, father, and the benevolence of many others.  Which learning from others is better than learning from books.”

If you were to turn back time how would you look at yourself?

“The days that have passed by is valued everyday because everyone still gives me love. I think about the kindness and benevolence. If there isn’t them (fans/viewers) than there wouldn’t be me.”

[Source via Entertain Teenee/Khaosod]

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