"Nong Tang Nao Vs Mai Jim Lhek" By Sor 7

Firstly I would like to dedicate a round of applause to all the celebrities whom have helped out in the flooding crisis around the province. Some are helping out of dedication, while other celebs are doing it for good publicity. But whatever, at the very least – it’s better than doing nothing at all. Some have done so much evil in the past, it’s probably time for them to do something good for a change.

They can’t be all evil all the way like “Nong Tang Nao” {Rotten Melon}, whom in this life time would probably never get to be reborn for sure. Because for as long as I can remember, not only does this girl not know how to do good things – she still has the nerve to think that everything she does is always right.

She doesn’t go to school, because apparently education can’t give her an income to pay off her debt. Acting wise – she’s as stiff as a pestle but her thickass face thinks she can be an actress. Her mouth is like a diseased dog, and I’m not even going to bother counting her schenanigans with the opposite sex. With a rotten reputation that she has, it’s no wonder she ended up in this predicament.

She did it to herself but yet has the audacity to say other people bullied her. Pathetic!

At this stage, Nong Tang Nao is nothing more than a “Mah Hua Nao” {Rotten Dog} that nobody wants to get close to. But can you blame them. Who would want to be in a failing position like that? Her friends don’t want anything to do with her, she doesn’t have any work. But the worse thing is. As a result of being unemployed for so many months, she’s starting to run out of money. And it’s her own bad luck of course for being such a big spender in the past, always using name brand products and spending her income either on shopping sprees or sillicon. Even now when she has fallen from her pedestal, she still refuses to fall and tries to keep up with her hiso lifestyle.

Right now Rotten Tang Nao is under a lot of stress, to the point where she sleeps with her foot on her forehead everynight. Not only does she have to worry about paying off her car loan and mortgage, she can barely afford to buy food for herself on a day to day basis. So if one day you see her on the side street eating cheap noodles – don’t be surprised.

The latest news I heard was that Nong Tang Nao is going around asking people for work.So now she’s able to put aside her pride and dignity unlike before. Before she used to ask for a 5 digit figure for events but now, she’ll work for a couple of thousand baht ahahahahahahhaah…

Now she’s offering to lower her rate and even offering bonuses and freebies but people are still refusing to hire her. No one wants to get dirty. She’s gone from a star to what? Now an extra is earning more income than her.

There’s also talks that her company “The lady with a fringe” has had enough of her. And she’s taking this opportunity to get revenge on the actress for always going over her head and even bitched about “the lady with a fringe” behind her back telling people how her company has used her like a slave and paid her little – not anything like the money she makes during appearances.

The lady with a fringe has always been infuriated with Nong Tang Nao but couldn’t do anything to her because of their contract and she has to maintain her face – she can’t really let other people find out that she has tried to turn a whore into a star.

In the end, everyone is cutting her loose. Even her company, so at this point, she is truly a ‘mah hua nao’

The poor sucker in this situation is her “Pua Nah Orn” {Babyface Boyfriend} because not only that he’s become a weirdo along with her. He also has to put up with her temper. Nong Tang Nao is constantly moody from her unfortunate fate and is taking it out on her boyfriend. I kind of feel sorry for her boyfriend, because he just got hit across the face by Nong Tang Nao and she even humiliated him right in the middle of a shopping mall, but he’s still enduring it and putting up with her crap.

But be careful Nong Tang Nao, one day, he might get sick of it and you’ll find yourself having to rape a pole for entertainment.

Another person I want to talk about is someone more senior “Mai Jim Lhek” {Widow with a metal vjayjay}. She’s been around forever. It’s about time, she gets a break. Right now, it’s definite her romance with “Tee Tah Son” {Chinky Eyes} has come to an end.

Honestly the news about their break up has been around for a while but Mai Jim Lhek and Tee Tah Son has been denying it every time. But the truth is, they’ve ended their romance months and months ago.

After being in a relationship for so many years, people assumed Mai Jim Lhek would settle with Tee Tah Son, but in the end, her personal bahavior of opening her legs easily and getting bored easily got the best of her. When it was over between her and her ex. Mai Jim Lhek automatically moved on to a new target, and it’s no one new….it’s a familiar face for Mai Jim Lhek because that man is “Noom Jorm Leuay” {Mr Slither}, the conquerer of so many women in the industry.

Like I’ve said, they’ve hooked up secretly before in the past, and now the sparks are flying again because
the male party recently broke up with his girlfriend too.

I’m not sure when they started dating. But what I’m sure about is that recenrly both of them displayed their affection to a crowd in a shopping mall. Mai Jim Lhek couldn’t contain herself and pulled Num Jorm Leuay’s face closer to give him juicy kisses in public. I don’t know why she could be so thick faced like that, if she’s not embarassed herself than at least feel embarassed on behalf of the spirits and angels.

Right now Noom Jorm Leuay is going in and out of Mai Jim Lhek’s home like it’s nothing. But don’t think that her ex “Tee Tah Son” is going to be upset, on the contrary, he is having the time of his life hitting on a new girl. Most importantly his new girfriend is much younger & firmer than his old aunty.

I don’t know what these people did in their previous lives. Perhaps they donated condoms to charity or something so in this lifetime they never seem to run out of partners. But watch out guys, if one day “Mai Jim Lhek” catches AIDS, all the men in the industry will probably be dead….

Source via Manager

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