Cheer Shocked! Removed From "Plerng Prom"

Crossing over to accept the diva role in the lakorn, “Plerng Prom” for actress, “Cheer” Tikumporn Ritthapinan. But all of a sudden Cheer had an order that she will be pulled out of the lakorn abruptly, which left the actress very confused!

“Out of no where that there were orders of the sudden change. With this, I don’t know why either. At the time, I had did one scene already and than they told me not to go back anymore.” (Is it because you’re not evil enough?) “I don’t know if that had a part in it or not, but with this lakorn, I’m evil in very little scenes and than the character becomes a good person, but it’s up to the bosses at how they see it and if they would want me to play it or not play it.” (Have you asked about the reason why?) “I don’t know about this because it’s something that the bosses decided, but I am secretly feeling regrettable also.”

[Source via Siambunterng]

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